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Ghost Types

There are several types of ghosts out there and it's important to know them all for the purpose of advanced knowledge & research. Basically, dividing certain types of phenomena into certain groups is for identification purposes. Below you will find below a brief explanation of each type of ghostly phenomena along with it's basic characteristics and a photo depicting it's normal appearance. It's important to understand that the definitions below are the present thoughts on the types listed and may be subject to change as new information becomes available.

ghost Ectoplasm, Ecto-mist, vapor, ghostly mist

Appearance & Characteristics: Cloudy vaporous mist
This term was originally used to describe the substance that oozed from spirit mediums during a séance. Now it is associated and referred to as a mist or fog, and it usually displays a swirl effect within a vaporous cloud. It normally appears several feet off the ground and can linger or travel quickly at will. It's usual colors are gray or white but has also been seen and photographed in several other colors. Ecto-mist has been caught on both video & all types of cameras. It's important to note that a camera can inadvertently create this effect artificially in cold weather by a person exhaling to close to the lens when taking the picture. The exhaled breath looks similar to ectoplasm but without the swirls. There are several strange characteristics associated with ectoplasm. It is warm to the touch and has a wax like composition with weight and mass. It is sometimes a gelatinous rubbery substance that disappears suddenly when exposed to bright light.

Locations spotted:
All locations but most generally spotted outdoors and most particularly at cemeteries, battlefields & historical sites.

Present Theories:
Believed by many to be the soul or spirit of those that have passed. Ecto-mist may be the result of a collapsed electromagnetic cascade shower or perhaps even plasma.

ghost Globes, Orbs, balls of Light

Appearance & Characteristics:
Orbs are the most photographed anomalies captured on film by ghost hunters. They most often show up as transparent or translucent balls of light hovering above the ground. Another feature is when they are captured on film they have a lingering trail. All photographed orbs are inadvertently created by the camera's flash refracting off a airborne particle or by weather conditions such as rain or snow. Here is an article that describes how to tell if an orb is a false positive.

"Orbs" have also been seen on video hovering in the same position for short periods of time but most often are caught traveling erratically through the air in a rather care free pattern.

Locations spotted:
They have been seen in every location imaginable. Temperature changes and different climates do not seem to affect them. They are most often seen outdoors and especially seem to be drawn to historic surroundings.

Present Theories:
Believed by many to be the soul or spirit of those that have passed on from this life, these items are not paranormal.

Apparitions, disembodied spirit

Appearance & Characteristics:

Catching an apparition on film is what every ghost hunter aspires to but seldom, if ever sees. They show up in forms ranging from a transparent to solid human form and wear the clothing of their period. Some may appear faint and disfigured as in being incomplete. There are four classes of apparations;

Class 1: Partials. Apparations that show up incompletely, having no legs for example.
Class 2: Invisible. These are invisible to the naked eye, but will show up on film when photographed
Class 3: Visible. These are visible to the naked eye. Usually transparent in nature.
Class 4: Solids. Appear very solid. Witnesses commonly mistake them for real people, until they vanish before their eyes.

In addition, there are four subtypes to each of these classes;

Type 1: Historical Apparations. They typically haunt older buildings and appear in solid forms acting natural.
Type 2: Recurring Apparations. ghosts that occur in regular cycles over a period of time.
Type 3: Modern Apparations. The spirits of present day ghosts. they are relatively new, looking and sounding like modern people.
Type 4: Crisis and Family Aparations.

Locations spotted:
They are most often reported being seen in older homes, hotels, theaters and cemeteries.

It's unsure why they are able to show up on these rare occasions. Your opinions on this will be most helpful. Some comments will be posted. It should be noted that visiting relatives from the spirit world could also be considered an apparition.

ghost Shadow ghosts, dark entities

Appearance & Characteristics:
These ghosts usually appear as shadows. They look a bit like Ecto-mist but with form and are normally reported to be two feet in length or longer and tend to travel at a height of two to ten feet. In photographs it's easy to confuse them with natural shadows so be careful. They are usually sneaky and evasive. When they are spotted it's usually out of the corner of your eye or as they are darting through a wall. They are often spotted in mirrors. Locations spotted:
Most often spotted in homes. Have also been seen outdoors at a distance.

Present Theories:
I guess the general consensus would be that they are ghosts in one of their forms. Some would say that they are demonic spirits but that doesn't seem to be the case.