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Fear Factor

Human fear plays a large role and ghost sightings and the experiences. When people began to believe that they have a ghost haunting their home the natural fears involved push the experiences along, creating an environment where anything, no matter how logical, become something supernatural. People read about haunted houses and listen to what friends tell them even if the information is wrong. The people living in a haunted location began to actively participate in the haunting themselves. Listing closely for any strange noisesor voices. Adrenaline is released into the bloodstream. When they do this any little sound becomes magnified and the other senses may be magnified as well. They will here are all kinds of natural noises that were probably always there, but they never noticed before. They will lay awake at night staring into the darkness of their rooms until their eyes finally see something that is not there, a dark apparition, a shadow moving, or evil face looming back at them from the foot of their bed. When there is a suggestion of the ghost or haunting the natural human fears will cause people to expect to experience the supernatural.

Have you ever noticed the difference between a good commercial haunted house and one that is just okay. The good one will have activities happening outside, while you wait in line. This mentally "prepares" you to become scared. this is exactly what several "reality based" television shows replicate to prepare their contestants before taking them to the "haunted" location.

Of course, this does not mean that there isn't a ghost or haunting occurring behind all the strange happenings, but it is important to understand that the fear and human mind can in voluntarily create an atmosphere of unnecessary terror.

The truth is that 99 percent of haunting cases are not violent and non intrusive. There is almost nothing to be afraid of. Most of the terror felt comes from a fear of the unknown, an instinctive method of human survival. Through education and understanding we are able to realize that ghost are not here to threaten thus and in many of the cases the ghost are unaware of the presence of living individuals. Many people who have learned to live with ghosts inside their homes have described as an enlightening spiritual experience.